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Intro class at The Training Room, Manasquan

Fall Fitness Jump Start Program
Reserve your spot in our next intro class on 9/23 in Manasquan
We are taking the first 20 that sign up!
Go here to reserve your spot.

The Training Room has been changing lives since 1999!

Come see what 25 years of fitness leadership can do for YOU…

Unlike any conventional gym, when you step into […]

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15 Years of The Training Room (Part 2)

The evolution of The Training Room (15 Year Anniversary Edition)
 Part 2: CrossFit, Kettlebells and more nicknames!
In 2003, we decided to take the trip to St Paul Minnesota for the RKC (Russian Kettlebell Challenge)

That was a great weekend!

Learned a ton, and had some VERY sore hamstrings from swinging bells all day long.

Everyone was dressed like Pavel […]

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Free Kettlebell and Body Weight Introduction in Point Pleasant Beach

Hey everyone…

With Summer upon us…

Things start really cranking up at The Training Room.

This is probably our busiest time of the year, and as always we want to make sure that everyone has their technique dialed in before they filter into our famous group training.

Great technique is not only a crucial safety factor, it is required […]

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Double Kettlebell Brute Strength Couplets

Here’s a great double kettlebell strength workout that only takes two kettlebells and a pull up bar…

Double kettlebell workouts like this will make you super strong while packing on the muscle at the same time.

Go here to see the full article in Men’s Fitness…

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Training Room Point Pleasant Beach Grand Opening Workout

Happy Sunday!

We had such a great day yesterday at the grand opening.

Thanks to all that came out to train and hang out with us.

We had over 20 people for each class and then hung out and afterward for some great conversation.

Christie Rampone was kind enough to bring all three of her Olympic metals, and made herself available […]

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It’s been a long time coming!

That’s right!

It was January of 1999 when The Milkman and I first opened our doors in Belmar after working together for 5 years at The Atlantic Club.

I used to get yelled at all the time for not wearing my name tag!

It took $5000 to open our very first gym!

We started out with 800 square feet […]

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The Jumping Snatch!

What did you train today?

The gym’s been pretty busy these days, and my time has been limited.

Between work and getting ready for our upcoming kettlebell certification, my training time is minimal.

But, there is no excuse for not getting something done!

I had 20 minutes to spare before picking lunch up at Fins, and heading to school.

Warm […]

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More work with kettlebells and the USA!

Hey folks!

I’m starting to work some kettlebells back into my training again, and will be adding at least one of these single kettlebell 5×5’s into the mix.

I missed pressing kettlebells over my head.

I feel that all the one leg suspended movements have been a great help in fixing some of the nagging knee pain I’ve […]

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Mike’s Workout: Today’s time crunched Kettlebell workout

Here’s today’s workout.

Get as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes of:

Single leg kettlebell dead lift 5/5
Single arm kettlebell military press 5/5
Pull ups 5
Prone rockers 10

Get your USA by clicking the banner below

Got 8 rounds and a good sweat going.

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Kettlebell Training While on Vacation

Chances are, where ever you go on vacation, there is someone around that you can train with if you want to stay in the groove.

Right now I’m in South Florida with my family and a wanted to get a few workouts in, so I connected with Dale Buchanan from Supreme Ultimate Fitness in Boca Raton.

Dale […]

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