Add these kettlebell press variations to your strength training!

Lots of people asking “How do I work my chest with kettlebells?”

Here are two press variations to add to your arsenal if you haven’t already.

One variation is a simple kettlebell floor press, the other is a little more dynamic.

The second variation is one that I learned from Mike Mahler back in the old RKC days.

Let […]

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Double kettlebell strength training charges me up!

I don’t know about you, but double kettlebell strength workouts get me all charged up!

This type of training feels great while I’m doing it, and cranks up my energy level for the rest of the day!

Here’s what I did today.

Extended Jump squats 10
See saw presses 5/5
Renegade Rows 5/5
Racked reverse lunges 5/5
Power Wheel rollouts 5

Round 1: […]

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The Feel Good Kettlebell Exercise!

To hold myself accountable, I will attempt to record my workouts here.

I’m not sure why, but I have not been doing get ups on a consistent basis.

That’s just crazy because get ups make my body feel great!

So, It’s’ back to get ups for me at least 2x per week.  I will also use them as […]

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More work with kettlebells and the USA!

Hey folks!

I’m starting to work some kettlebells back into my training again, and will be adding at least one of these single kettlebell 5×5’s into the mix.

I missed pressing kettlebells over my head.

I feel that all the one leg suspended movements have been a great help in fixing some of the nagging knee pain I’ve […]

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