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Uncle Mike’s kettlebell snatch challenge (video)

Give this fun challenge a try.

Advanced Men should use a 24kg bell and advanced women a 16g.

Other wise, use what you can and have fun with this.

Remember to lock out each snatch over your head and do solid push ups.

If you’re not good on the jump rope, now’s a good time to practice.

See if […]

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A great party trick for all you pull up freaks!

Here’s a cool way that may help you progress to a one arm pull up.

This is also a fun pull up option to use when pull ups are called for in one of our strength workouts.

It’s nice to mix things up when you do lots of pull ups.  Mixing up your grips makes it fun […]

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One of my favorite kettlebell workouts revisited!

Decompressing with a kettlebell and a sledge hammer!

I will try this one next week and see if I can get more then 6 rounds in 25 minutes.

Get as many rounds as you can in 25 minutes of:

Kettlebell snatches 5/5
Kettlebell Jerks 5/5
Pull ups 10
Box Jumps 10
Sledge hits 10

Who wants to join me?

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Poduct Review (video): What Suspension Training Sytem do you Prefer?

Review of 3 different suspension training systems

Check it out!

I did a review on four different suspension training systems, TRX, Jungle Gym XT, and USA.

They all have their strong and weak points.

Here are some points I didn’t discuss in the video.

TRX: Priced between $190.00-$220.00

I believe it is overpriced and over hyped.
The XT, USA do the same […]

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20 Minute Body Weight USA Workout

Do this one anywhere!

Just to change things up, I’ve been doing A LOT of body weight training lately.

I will start to get a little more creative to prevent boredom and also to challenge myself with my own body weight.

As you see, I’ve been enjoying the USA and feel it is the superior suspension training system for several […]

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Kettlebell Workouts NJ:Give us your favorite.

So the Milkman and I are compiling a list of our top ten workouts.

We have and idea of the ones we like the best, but would like to here it from you.

If you train with us, or have been following us on the net, leave a comment below with your favorite workout.

This is one of […]

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