I’m a getting emotional here!

I’m back after 3 weeks post concussion!
I apologize if I rant a bit…

But I’ve been a little emotional lately.

Three weeks ago today I took a baseball to the noggin and sustained a concussion!

I’m still a little wacky, but on the mend.

As many of you may know, besides my co-ownership and dedication to The Training Room […]

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Training Room Events and Continuing Education Schedule!

We’ve got so much going on here in the next few months so I figured I would do a blog post about it.

Since events and continuing education/seminars are an extremely important way to keep US and YOU on your toes, educated and up to date with the latest and best training information….

We’ve decided to schedule […]

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Join us for this fun challenge of strength and conditioning!

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since we have hosted a fun Training Room event.

It seems appropriate that we host the Tactical Strength Challenge (TSC) since a lot of our training focuses on the movements involved (dead lift, pull ups and kettlebell snatches)

Challenge events give us goals to shoot for and help us to focus on […]

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