What’s your favorite quickie?

Lots of times I’m crunched for time and don’t even have 30 minutes to get my workout in.

Actually, it’s just about every day!

There is absolutely NO EXCUSE for not training due to time restraints!!

My favorite thing to do in this situation is put a few kettlebell and body weight movements together, set my timer for […]

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Back on the heavy stuff!!

Back to the heavy bells!

Things are starting to come together as I am feeling pretty good these days with the exception of a little elbow tendonitis.

I attibute this to all the mountain biking that I’ve been doing lately compounded with high volume pull ups.

I can’t stop!

So, I will implement my elbow tendonitis protocal prior to […]

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Poduct Review (video): What Suspension Training Sytem do you Prefer?

Review of 3 different suspension training systems

Check it out!

I did a review on four different suspension training systems, TRX, Jungle Gym XT, and USA.

They all have their strong and weak points.

Here are some points I didn’t discuss in the video.

TRX: Priced between $190.00-$220.00

I believe it is overpriced and over hyped.
The XT, USA do the same […]

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25 Minute Kettlebell Workouts: Here’s a good one to try out at home!

If you have 25 minutes to spare, try this one out.

This was a nice mix of heavier kettlebells and some body weight stuff with the USA.

I did this workout on Monday with my client/friend/favorite accountant and book keeper, Laura E.

I’m starting to work some kettlebells back into the mix a little.

Get as many rounds as […]

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More work with kettlebells and the USA!

Hey folks!

I’m starting to work some kettlebells back into my training again, and will be adding at least one of these single kettlebell 5×5’s into the mix.

I missed pressing kettlebells over my head.

I feel that all the one leg suspended movements have been a great help in fixing some of the nagging knee pain I’ve […]

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My Body Weight Training Experiment

Since 2001, I’ve gone pretty much full steam ahead with kettlebell training with not too many breaks.

We did the CrossFit thing for a year or so, but things always went back to kettlebells. They’re are bread and butter.

We always mixed body weight training in with whatever program we used.

For the next few months I […]

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20 Minute Body Weight USA Workout

Do this one anywhere!

Just to change things up, I’ve been doing A LOT of body weight training lately.

I will start to get a little more creative to preventĀ boredomĀ and also to challenge myself with my own body weight.

As you see, I’ve been enjoying the USA and feel it is the superior suspension training system for several […]

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20 Minute Kettlebell USA Training!

Here’s one of my favorite ways to train using my favorite piece of suspension equipment.

The USA requires no adjusting and allows you to transition quickly from one movement to the next.

I chose 4 movements the at hit pretty much the entire body.

Get as many rounds as you can in 20 minutes of the following:

5 pull […]

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