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The Training Room Olympics is Rescheduled for December 2!

The Training Room Olympics have been rescheduled for December 2!!
We have changed the location to Point Beach!
We will celebrate 0ne year at the Point Beach location and the post Hurricane Sandy re opening!
The Training Room is well known for putting on some of the best events at the shore!

We are very great full for our […]

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Free Strength Seminar Review (video included)

Thanks to all that came out for the free strength seminar!

It was a complete success.

I won’t go into complete detail.

Those of you who showed up know how much great info you took away from this.

A HUGE thank you to the following people who contributed and helped us out!

Chris Reed who came all the way down […]

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Free Seminar with an Awesome Line up of Coaches!

Since we got screwed over on our Olympic Lifting Certification on April 9 and 10, we’ve decided to go above the call of duty!

We’ve actually put together something that we consider to be EVEN BETTER then what was planned for the 9th and 10th.

Where?: Where else! The Famous Training Room of Avon by the sea.
When?: […]

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My Zach Even Esh inspired strength session (video included)!

I was inspired by my pal Zach Even Esh.

It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

As Zack would say, “Crank some heavy shizzz!!”

BTW Zach, I expect you to comment on this post!!

The big metal block we have weighs around 280 we think.

I’ve seen my friend Zack dead lift this with one hand.

I cannot do […]

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Video Footage and Results from the Kettlebell Relay Challenge

What an awesome and fun event!

We had 11 teams total come out for the madness including two teams from Philly and several from North Jersey.

Our friends and kettlebell training gurus, Pamela and Jason from Urban Athlete came out to represent the Philly crew along with David Lee of Real World Strength.

Our friend, and Underground Strength […]

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Pull up Mastermind with Jon Hinds and Zach Even Esh

After the Jon Hinds yoga seminar, we spent some time messing around on the pull up tower.

I suppose this can be considered a pull up mastermind.

If you are looking for a blueprint on this tower, I just posted it on our member site.


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Keg Training with Zach Even Esh

I love having Zach in the area.

He gets me  doing things that I don’t normally do. Training wise and business wise.

The Milkman and I keep our training and our business strong and fresh by hanging and chatting with the best around including guys like Zach.

This also gives us more ideas for us and our own […]

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(video) Fun Upper Body Strength and Grip Training

I have a feeling you may be seeing some of this in our workouts as an option for pull ups on strength days.

This type of training is very affective for building up grip and upper body pulling strength.

Try this out at your local playground, or just “swing” by The Training Room.

If you like this video, […]

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Get on Top of the Kettlebell and Fitness Food Chain

Yesterday, my good friend and Underground Strength Coach,  Zach Even Esh stopped by the gym for a little workout.

We killed a 15 minute kettlebell and body weight workout.

Here’s what we did:

As many rounds as you can get in 15 minutes of:

One arm kettlebell Jerks  5R/ 5L with 32kg bell
Pull ups 5 w/ 15 lb weighted […]

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