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Non-stop movement Monday.

Who wants to ROW??

Let’s GO!

Thank you to ALL of you who came out for ROW for HOPE!

You ALL out did yoursleves.

It was an AMAZING event!

We will be posting may pictures and video up on our social media pages.

There’s a lot so stay tuned….

Who wants to ROW on Monday? 🙂

Monday is a strength day!

Who wants a piece??

5 minutes of non-stop action

30 seconds of movement.

Do one side, then the other side…

Rest 1 minute and then repeat for 3 rounds total.

  • Clean or single dead or hinge
  • Press
  • Split squat
  • Row
  • Ab choice (1 minute)

Body weight options…

  • Body weight single leg inge or hip bridge
  • Push up
  • Assisted pistol, box pistol
  • Ring row
  • Ab choice

Let’s have an amazing week!

What’s our next event to train for?

Drop a comment!