WO-MAN Strength!

Hey Training Room family!

Wednesday is strength day, but if you feel you need to get the heart pumping a little more, we’ve got your back (Skinny Mike)!

You will have the choice of Man Makers with or without a run or row between.

Here it is!

The Man/Woman Maker 5×5…

String these movements together.

  • Push up
  • Renegade row one side
  • Push up Renegade row the other side
  • Clean
  • Squat
  • Press

Complete 5 sets with appropriate rest between sets.

If you want, add 250 meter run or row after each man maker and do 5 rounds.

Or do this option for 5 rounds

30 work/30 rest x 5

  • ring rows
  • push-ups
  • cleans
  • squat press
  • abs


Have a great Wednesday!