Good morning Training Room freaks!

Just to let you know, we will be hosting the Tactical Strength Challenge on May 5th in Point Pleasant Beach.

We’re hosted and competed in this before and had a blast.

This fun event will test your strength and endurance with the following events:

  • Max deadlift (3 attempts)
  • Max Pull ups (dead hang)
  • 5 minute kettlebell snatch test (max reps)
Check the Tactical Strength Challenge website for rules and categories (and check out the handsome dude on the main page)

Today’s strength day!


We’ll be doing our classic D Dog Circuit.

Warm up with your 5 minute joint mobility routine and then a two round kettlebell warm up.

Here’s the D-Dog circuit:  1 minute of work/30 seconds of rest non-stop for 4 rounds

  • Hand to hand kettlebell swings
  • Jerks or push press r/l (switch hands on the 30 second mark)
  • Reverse lunges (alternate, or switch on the 30 second mark)
  • One arm row (switch on the 30 second mark) or do alternate arm ring rows
  • Walkout, plank, side plank, Power wheel walks, swing set/power wheel/jungle gym knees to chest etc..
Go through this 4 times and try to work up in weight with each round.

Here’s The Milkman