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Building Physically, Mentally Stronger, and More Confident Athletes

It’s very simple… ALL athletes (female or male) NEED to strength train!  A strong athlete is faster more powerful, more confident and less likely to get injured on the playing field.  A physically stronger athlete will have a more powerful mindset when stepping on to the field of play!  A stronger body and mind will dominate in sport and life!  

The Training Room’s Athlete program starts from the ground up.  We understand that not every athlete is at the same level, whether your child is a veteran of the iron, or has never touched a weight, it is our goal to make them physically and mentally stronger so they can achieve their goals.

ALL athletes will be evaluated and placed in a specific program that fits their needs.  A typical athlete training session will include the following…

  • Group joint mobility to physically and mentally wake up the athlete.
  • Group warm up tailored to the daily strength session.
  • Explanation and demo of the training session.
  • Strength train under the watchful eye of one for our highly qualified coaches.
  • Conditioning “finisher” to optimize the athletes conditioning level.
  • Flexibility and recovery.

Learn more about The Training Room’s Athlete Training Program’s Below, and Get Notified of Athlete Training Program Updates!