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Restorative Beginner Fitness Program to Kickstart Your Health!

Get Into Shape or Kickstart Getting Back Into Shape with The Training Room’s Restorative Fitness Program!

Disclaimer: (Individual results vary) from person to person.

  • LOCATIONS:  Choose the location you will primarily visit when signing up.  Some restrictions may apply

Benefits of Restorative & Beginner Fitness at The Training Room

  • Amazing for Beginners!
  • Kickstart Getting Back Into Shape!
  • Get a 45 Minute Introduction Consultation.
  • Post Injury? Workout in a SAFE post-injury exercise program!
  • The program runs at both gyms on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays


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The Training Room Builds Strong, Lean, Healthy and Efficient Bodies!

Kickstart Your Fitness!

Even though we train together as a group, our well thought out, full body strength program is tailored to each individual’s needs from beginner to veteran strength junky. No matter what category you lie in, it is our goal to help YOU progress and become better! It is a proven fact that individuals work harder in a group setting and therefore obtain better results. The positive energy in from group also makes for a fun training session. A typical session includes the following…

  • A friendly greeting from one us.
  • 5 minutes of head to toe joint mobility to wake up the body, lubricate the joints and prepare you for the warm-up.
  • Group warm-up consists of similar movements (practice) that you will be performing during the actual training session to raise the body’s core temperature (break a sweat) in preparation for the session.
  • Explanation or the actual training session with a demo of each movement and options for each level of ability.
  • Perform the training session under the guidance of Uncle Mike, The Milkman or one of our other highly experienced coaches.
  • Constant attention to details on form and recommendations on weights and alternate movements
  • Stretch and recover.

Join The Training Room Today and Get Fit Faster and More Efficiently Than On Your Own!

Looking for Additional Packages?

The Training Room has a full range of packages to suit your needs and budget!  Check out our pricing page here for more packages that'll be sure to get you fit in and in proper workout shape in no time.