Here’s a nice minimal equipment workout.

As always, start out with some joint mobility, and basic body weight warm up to get the juices flowing.

Grab a light kettlebell and practice the basics. Do a two round kettlebell warm up circuit including swings, cleans, squats, presses, one arm rows and snatches.

We usually do two rounds of this kettlebell warm. You can check the video library for the sequence.

Today’s workout will be three different couplets.

Couplets will include one upper body centric (push/pull), a lower body movement, and a mid-line (posterior/anterior chain movements)

We’ll do 15 seconds of work/15 seconds rest for 8 rounds at each one with a minute rest between each couplet.

Couplet 1:

  • Kettlebell Split squats R
  • Kettlebell Split squats L

Couplet 2:

  • Ring rows
  • Push ups

Couplet 3:

  • V-sit, knee ups, toe touch or Russian twist
  • Low back extension, supermans, or kettlebell swings

Have a fantastic weekend!!

Please let us know if there is anything in particular you would like to see from us including video, kettlebell movement instruction etc….

Post comments below and we’ll get it done!