Good day Training Room Avon, Manasquan and online subscribers!

Please make sure to register for the Winter Games ASAP…

We need a headcount for T-shirts.

We also plan on holding a pre-race party that Friday before the event right at the Manasquan locataion.

We will be handing out event t-shirts and picking the teams that night!

We’ll be doing a nice simple strength session that can be done just about anywhere with a variety of strength tools.

We’ll give you several options to choose from on this one.

Follow this joint mobility routine…

Warm up with a 2 round kettlebell warm up

  • 10 swings/second round 4/4 swings
  • 10 push ups/second round 8 push ups
  • 10 high pulls/second round 4/4 cleans
  • 5 press/ second round 4/4 press
  • 5 goblet squat/ second round 4/4 squat
  • 5 thruster/ second round 2/2 clean squat press, squat press
  • 5/5 one arm rows/second round 4/4 rows
  • 15 jumping jacks
  • 15 bicycles

Kettlebell Bear Complex (one or 2 bells) and Pull ups/feet down assisted pull ups, band assisted pull ups or ring rows.

If you are strong in pull ups, you can do them with weight.

You will perform 5 sets of 5 reps of the bear complex and 5 sets of 5 reps of pull ups.

You can either finish all 5 sets of one and move on to the other, or do this as a couplet alternating between the bear and the pull ups for 5 sets.

This works well when done with a partner.

You can perform the bear with one or with two kettlebells, barbell, dumbells or even a sandbag.

You will finish up with 5 minutes of kettlebell snatches or swings and 10 squat thrustes.

Get as many rounds as you can in 5 minutes alternating the movements.

Have a great Tuesday!

Here’s an explanation from The Milkman.