BIG AL Intervals

Time for some Endurance Conditioning Training for the Thanksgiving day TR Triathlon!   Let’s kick off the week with these amazing Intervals inspired by none other than BIG AL!

30 seconds easy / 20 seconds moderate to hard / 10 seconds all out SPRINT x 5 Minutes

You will complete this for 4 rounds – Rest 2 Minutes between each round.   There will be either an AB finisher at the end OR possible a 5th Round!

Here are your Conditioning Exercise Options:

  • Row
  • bike
  • ski 
  • run
  • Step-up
  • Burpee (JJ’s, burpee, sq thrust)
  • Long Cycle (LC slow, LC fast, Jerks)

Make sure you are working at a NON-Conversational pace… especially during those SPRINTS!

Here’s a good at home video workout for you to follow along with at anytime:

The Training Room Original Conditioning Circuit!

That’s right… it’s one of the first workouts created!

Here are the Intervals:

  • Rd. 1) 30 work / 25 rest
  • Rd. 2) 30 work / 20 rest
  • Rd. 3) 25 work /15
  • Rd. 4) 20/10 x 2 

You will have 1 Minute Rest between each round.

Here is your Circuit:

  1. High Pull, Jump Pull or Fast Assisted Pull Up
  2. Mt. Climbers Or Crawl
  3. Quick Steps
  4. Squats  (drop, air, surfer, split. lunges)
  5. Crab Toe Touch or Bicycles
  6. Run in Place
  7. Skaters or Side Step
  8. Push-press or 1/2 Burpees
  9. Jump Rope, Rope Flow, or Jumping Jacks

Get your conditioning workout with us anytime!