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Hey all Training Room friends!

How did you all enjoy yesterday’s challenge?

This is just a small example of what’s going down at The Training Room Olympics on November 3.

Get your teams together and sign up here.

Today we will be working with our body weight.

We will warm up with a kettlebell warm up.

Today’s body weight strength session will focus on strict movement and great form.

Here’s your body weight 5×5

  • Push-ups( 5 seconds up 5 seconds down add weight to back as needed) You can also use bands or chains for resistance.
  • Pistols or assisted pistols
  • 1 arm ring rows or assisted 1 arm pull-ups
  • Swing set or jungle gym leg curls( 5sec up 5 down)
  • Ab choice (Power Wheel, walkouts,hanging knee raises)

Enjoy your day!

Here’s some of my favorite abdominal progressions

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