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Thursday is Deck of Cards Cardio!

It’s always fun to bring out a solid Deck of Cardio Workout!  You never know how the cards are stacked and it’s a great way to work the mind and body at the same time!

We also have some upcoming “events” for our Training Room Family

  • Brian is hosting a Zoom Meeting at 7pm for anyone interested in talking about health, wellness, stress management, good times, bad times, healthy eating… all those life things!
  • Alicia will be doing Yoga again Saturday and Sunday (Easter) both at 9am!  You can watch live or recorded… we all need some extra breathing and full body stretching right now…
  • HERE is a little Restorative/ Senior Fitness Video that ANYONE can do!  You can use it as a warm up, cool down, or anything in between!  Those Drop-Ins are KEY to healthy Knees!


  • HEARTS = Swings, Snatch or Bodyweight Squats
  • DIAMONDS = Sit Throughs, Mountain Climbers or Shoulder Taps (2=1
  • SPADES = Jump rope, Jumping Jacks or Calories
  • CLUBS = Knees to Chest, Bicycles or Russian Twist

JOKERS = 10 Burpees or Squat Thrusts

You will go for 30 Minutes OR until the Deck is Complete!

HERE is the LINK to Watch Live at 7am… or Later at your leisure!