Deck of Cards for Strength is JUST what your body is craving on Tuesday!

Deck of Cards for strength is ALSO a crowd favorite and according to some people it should be performed on a weekly basis :-).

We hope you enjoyed Monday’s old School circuit….

Deck of cards for strength also has a little bit of a conditioning component due to it’s continuous movement.

That’s The Training Room way.

As usual, there will be a bunch of options for ALL levels to choose from.

Let’s attack this one!


Make sure to check out the Manasquan Inlet Tug event on Saturday.

Our heat goes off around 1:30.

You can go here to donate to Team Training Room’s page for Make a Wish Foundation.


We will go through the entire deck!

Here are the exercises per suit

  • Hearts=Swings, cleans, deads or snatches
  • Press choice (horizontal or verticle press incuding landmine) or push up
  • Squat choice (including goblet, body weight,split squat variations)
  • 1 arm kettlebell or dumbbell row, body weight row, pull ups, bands etc

Have a wonderful Tuesday!