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Happy Wednesday!

If you haven’t noticed, we’re been putting in more rowing in then usual.  This is to help prepare us for the upcoming Marathon row.

So far, we have 50 signed up for the event and will be picking the teams out of a hat.

We are doing this to make it things a little more interesting and to get you to work with people that you don’t normally work with.

If you haven’t put your name on the list, make sure to do so.

Also, please make it a little easier on us and sign up online by going to the link below.

Fourth Annual Marathon Row.

We’ve got some other cool events coming up including my goo friends Sincere Hogan and Chris Reeds Kettlebell and Body Weight Workshop on October 30.

We are looking forward to to training with these guys.

It’s always nice to get a perspective from other great trainers.

Go here to sign up!

Today’s workout will take us a little bit our of our comfort zone.

Advanced people will do

  •  3 x 1250 meters row or run
Novice will do
  • 3 x 1000 meters row or run
Do this with a partner of equal ability.
While you are working, your partner is resting.
Have fun and let us know how you did!
Old School 2009