High Octane Conditioning

It’s been a while since we’ve dabbled with high octane conditioning.

This type of conditioning consists of an exercise bout with a weighted or body weight movement followed by some type of cardio choice such as jump rope, jumping jacks, running (or in place), squat thrusts or burpees, skaters etc…

In this case, you will work for 45 seconds and rest for 15 seconds (stationary)

Complete this circuit for a total of 3 rounds!

1 minute rest between each round.

  1. Cardio choice
  2. Swings or hinges
  3. Cardio choice
  4. Squat press or dumbbell/kettlebell push press
  5. Cardio choice
  6. Reverse lunges 
  7. Cardio choice
  8. High pulls or alternate arm cleans
  9. Cardio choice
  10. Bicycles, crab toe touch, or sit throughs

Have some fun with this one and have a great weekend!