Happy Friday!

Don’t you love Fridays?

Today we’ll continue with our 5×5 strength.


When performing the 5×5 strength session use your first set as your warm up and perform your work sets with out going to muscle failure.

Stop 2 reps short of failure..

This means that you will leave 2 reps in the bank and make sure that your last set is your best one.

When the weight you are using starts to become lighter and you feel that you can perform 5 reps easily, you will gradually bump up your weight the next time you perform the 5×5.

It’s a gradual progression that should not be forced.

This is how we get strong.

Today’s 5×5

  • BB/KB/trap-bar dead lift
  • KB floor press/or BB/DB bench press
  • Heavy 1 arm rows or renegade rows

Abdominal finisher 60 seconds work/30 seconds rest  x2  rounds of…

side plank L/ side plank R/ plank or L-sit

Have a great Friday!

Floor press instruction

Rowing options…