Memorial Day Conditioning Tradition

Happy Memorial Day weekend to our Training Room family!

Monday is a conditioning day…

We are ALSO excited to announce that we will continue on with our Memorial Day tradition.

Since we are now allowed to gather in groups of 25, we feel it’s appropriate to keep our Memorial Day tradition going.

Therefore, we will be holding our annual Memorial Day workout at 7:30 am in 3 different locations!

Milkman and Uncle Mike will be at Warrior beach in Avon, Brian and Boxing Mike will be outside on court in Manasquan and Alicia will be running a session in the courtyard at the Avon gym.

Bring your kettlebell, a beach towel and a jump rope if you have one.

There will be NO sharing of equipment, and the gym will not be opened.

Please respond below, and let us know if you plan on attending, and where.

If you don’t want, or cannot to do any of the above, we have recorded Monday’s work out for your convenience to do at home.

Enjoy the weekend and we will see some of you on Monday!

Here’s the the workout we will be doing on Memorial Day!

3 Minute Sets for 2 rounds (trilpets)

Twenty seconds at each exercise for 3 rounds non-stop at each trilpet.

Triplet 1
  • Either steps (right) or kettlebell swings (right) or snatches
  • Steps (left) or kettlebell swings (left) or snatches
  • Mountain climb or crawls or towel whips
Triplet 2
  • High pulls or jump pulls
  • squat press or squat thrust
  • Jumping jacks, jump rope etc
Triplet 3
  • squat choice
  • half burpee or knee tucks
  • abs

Monday’s workout video is below!