Hey gals and guys!

Sorry about the late post.

Apparently, the Milkman and I are very popular these days because the place has been an absolute zoo.

Anyway, it’s conditioning day and we’ve got a good one for you.

Congrats to Tom D for getting a nickname today!!

He is now know as Tank Top Tom or T3!

Remember, nicknames must happen organically and cannot be forced.

Tank Top Tom and Running Man Mark crushed this workout on the TR track today!

Run/Row/Ski/Climb option

Alternate with a partner

  • 250 meters x 4
  • 500 meters x 3
  • 750 meters x 2

See you Tomorrow!

Free Yoga at Inlet Yoga in Manasquan tomorrow at 10am.

It’s getting REAL in the Whole Foods Parking lot!