Today we’ll be doing a simple single kettlebell strength and conditioning combination.

Choose a kettlebell of moderate weight that you will be able to do one minute sets with.


Do not go to muscle failure or compromise form in any way.

Start out with a two round kettlebell warm up:

Round 1

  • kettlebell swings 10
  • push ups 10
  • high pulls 10
  • goblet squats 10
  • halos 5/5
  • press 5/5
  • one arm rows 5/5
  • jumping jacks 15
Round 2: reduce the reps to 8 and 4/4 and add a set of snatches if you plan on doing them today.

You will go through 4 rounds of the following circuit style

1 minute of work/30 seconds rest for 4 rounds

  • kettlebell swings or snatches r/l (switch at 30 seconds)
  • Kettlebell jerks or push presses r/l (switch at 30 seconds)
  • Kettlebell split squats r/l
  • One arm rows r/l
  • windmills, get ups, walkouts,plank (choice)
I don’t have a specific video, but here’s a similar one.