Smooth Strength

Let’s keep flowing through Thursday with thie smooth strength flow!

It’s been quite the week at The Training Room.

We will keep things rolling with this classic strength flow that can be done with weight or without.

You can easily do this one at home or in the gym!

So you’ll have some choices, but also choose to work hard and ASK questions if you have ANY!

Here’s what we’re doing…

Twenty seconds of movement with a ten second hold.

Here’s the kettlebell flow for 4 rounds (each side).
  • kettlebell clean or high pull for 20 seconds
  • Rack hold for 10 seconds
  • Press for 20 seconds
  • Overhead hold for 10 seconds
  • Split squat for 20 seconds
  • Hold at ninety degrees for 10 seconds
  • One arm row for 20 seconds
  • Hold at the top of the motion for 10 seconds
  • Abdominal choice for 20
  • Hold for 10
  • Repeat the other side (to complete the round)
Body weight options will look like this…
  • Hinge or superman
  • Push up or hindu push up
  • Body weight squat of split squat
  • Ring row or pull up
  • Ab choice
Here’s a cardio finisher…

10 second sprints/20 second recovery x 10 rounds.

Remember this…

If you cannot get to the gym for some reason, you can always squeeze in 10-15 minute micro sessions ANYWHERE!

Have a wonderful Thursday!

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