Hey guys!

Hope your weekend was great!

If you haven’t signed up for the Warrior Challenge yet, get your teams together and sign up here!

Speaking of the Warrior Challenge, we had a nice session on the beach yesterday.

We will plan on doing this Sunday mornings to prep for the event.

We’ll be kicking off a new 4 week training cycle today staring off with a conditioning circuit.

We will warm up with a circuit warm up.

Here’s your circuit: We will work for 30 seconds and rest for 15.

Complete 6 rounds of the following movements with a minute rest between rounds.

The goal here is to maintain your rep scheme or cals through out all 6 rounds.

  • Kettlebell Snatch or swing
  • Burpee or squat thrust
  • Row or bike (cals)
  • Wall-ball or med ball squat press