We’ve got some triplets

A lot of these movements will be hitting some weaknesses.

Perform each movement slowly and deliberately.

One minute of work 15 seconds of rest of the following movements.

3 rounds at each triplet

2 minutes rest between each triplet.

  • side plank or single kettlebell carry
  • 1 arm swings (30/30)
  • lateral duck unders or alternate lateral lunges

Rest 2 minutes

  • Alternate bird dogs
  • 1 arm ring rows
  • Hindu push-ups (or variations of)

Rest 2 minutes

  • lateral band side steps
  • step-ups (slow and weighted if you’re strong enough)
  • Lateral hand walks

Here’s a good demo of bird dogs Jim Smith.

This exercise is meant to be done slowly with a braced core.

Planks and side planks should be done with as much tension as possible.

After 30 seconds of holding a plank, you should be very uncomfortable.

Here’s a demo from Dean Somerset