Strength Conditioning Triplets

Hey Training Room family, Wednesday is a strength and conditioning session that we know you will enjoy!

This strength conditioning session has 3 circuits with 3 movements in each one (triplets)

Each circuit will have 2 strength movements and 1 conditioning movement.

Here are your intervals per each round for each strength conditioning triplet.
  1. 60/30
  2. 50/25
  3. 40/20

Here are the circuits

Circuit 1: Split up the each side(left and right)

  • Single arm body weight rows 30/30
  • High step-ups, step downs or single leg squats
  • Bike


Circuit 2


Circuit 3

  • Anti rotations or standing medicine ball twists
  • Push-up plank
  • Ski erg

Make sure to get your teams together for the ROW for HOPE on May 4!

Info can be found here! 

Here are some single leg deadlift progressions for you to try out.