Thursday’s Workout is Strength Ladders

Reps are either 1-5 (heavier weight or doubles) or 2-10 (lighter weights)

Ladder up alternating between exercises & when you get to the top, start at the lowest number again!  You should get in a solid 2 rounds for each couplet!

Couple 1 (12 Minutes)

  • Clean & Press (single or double)
  • Pull Ups

REST 2-3 Minutes

Couplet 2 (12 Minutes)

  • Squats (Try increasing weight as you decrease reps/ or a Mace keep the chest up)
  • Ab Choice (Walk outs, Power Wheel, Hanging Knee lifts or Bird Dogs/ Deadbugs with Resistance


Grab a Partner & complete 3-4 Rounds:

  • Partner 1 does 250m Cardio /
  • Partner 2 holds 1-2 Kettlebells in racked position OR holds a plank

Have an AWESOME Thursday!