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Strength Training Options for all Abilities

We have your strength training options for ALL abilities and for folks who JUST want to use their own body weight!

You can make this one as simple or as complex as you want with different options.

Ask us how!

Simple, stationary and also great for home or office gym.
Intervals: 20 seconds of work / 20 seconds of rest for 5 rounds….

Switch sides with each interval

  • split squat L/R
  • press L/R
  • row L/R
  • abs L/R
  • cardio choice L/R

This can be done with or without kettlebells or dumbells.

Here’s a body weight version

  • Squat, split squat/lunge variations (also add suspension or sliders if you want)
  • Push up variations or downdog press
  • Body weight row/band row or pulls
  • Abs or crawls
  • Move around/shake your hips/dance

Have a great Wednesday!

Shake it!