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Thanks to all of you who came out for the Thanksgiving workout today!

We had 40 people at the 8am class, and Patty informed me that there were 10 at the 6am.

Today’s workout looked like this.

We did a partner warm up:

One kettlebell between two people 20 seconds work/20 seconds rest for 3 rounds of each couplet:

  • Kettlebell swings/push ups
  • Kettlebell high pulls/mountain climbers
  • Kettlebell thrusters/jumping jacks

The workout was three different triplets:

Do 20 seconds of each movement non-stop for three rounds or 3 minutes. Rest for 1 minute and move on to the next triplet.

Do two rounds of all three triplets:

Triplet 1:

  • kettlebell snatch right
  • Kettlebell snatch left
  • mountain climbers

Triplet 2:

  • Kettlebell high pulls
  • Kettlebell thrusters
  • Jumping jacks/jump rope or run in place

Triplet 3:

  • Drop squats
  • half burpees
  • v-sits

Repeat all three triplets again!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!