It’s the Thursday Throwdown

The Thursday Throwdown  is HERE at The Training Room!

Aren’t you glad?

It’s just what your body is craving after Wednesday’s Deck!

BTW, we sent out emails about sweat shirt orders!

If you are wearing holes in your early 2000’s model TR sweatshirt and need some new threads…

Pre-order a NEW Training Room sweatshirt for goodness sake!

As of now, we are offering the crews and hoodies.

Stay tuned if you’re looking for zip ups.



Don’t forget about our annual holiday party!

We’ve been having a holiday party every year since we opened in 1999.

It will be on Friday, December 9 at the Avon Marina from 6-10 PM.


Back to the Thursday Throwdown!

We have your super efficient supersets…

Intervals of 20/10 x 10 super duper supersets.

Superset 1: Intervals of 20/10 x 10 
  • Air squats, Hindu squats, jump squats etc (you set the intensity)
  • Bullwhip/ropes or wave
Superset 2: Intervals of 20/10 x 10 
  • Jump pulls or low imact pulls
  • kneeling slamball
Superset 3: Intervals of 20/10 x 10 
  • Skaters or step overs
  • Mountain climbers or plank drag
Superset 4: Intervals of 20/10 x 10 
Superset 5: Intervals of 20/10 x 10 

Let’s have fun, work hard and make each other better!

Make it a great Thursday!

Give some of these FUN Bulgarian Bag moves a try!

Ask how you can add some of these into your workout!