Thursday Challenge Day

Welcome Adam to the Training Room Avon & Manasquan!

You will be seeing more of Adam’s infectious energy in the early mornings!  Adam is a High School Athletic Trainer and is READY to give you the BEST group Training Room Classes.  He has a lot of knowledge as well, so hit him up with any questions and learn a few new things!

Thursday’s Challenge Workout:

Ladder from 20/16/12/8/4 (reps or calories)

Get this done As Fast As Possible (AFAP):

  • Ski
  • High pulls or Jump pulls
  • Run, JR (200,160..)JJs (100,80..)
  • Squat Thrusts or Slam Ball
  • Rower or Bike
  • Box Step Ups

Beginners can do 20/15/10/5 (it’s must more friendly and if you have a extra energy left in you at the end you can ALWAYS do a little more!)

Keep track of your times on this one!  You can measure your progress in 4 weeks!

Here’s an OLD School Conditioning Circuit!  A TRAINING ROOM Original!