Hey everyone!

We hope you week is going well.

Hopefully everyone is safe and well and recovering from a crazy week.

The Point Beach gym is on the road to recovery with a new furnace and soon to be newly replaced sheet rock.

We are very optimistic about having it opened by next week.

Avon gym is running on generators and is running classes at 6,7,9 am and 4,5,6 pm with Avon’s 7 pm curfew.

Reminder: All Point Beach members can train in Avon.

We are also looking to postpone the Training Room Olympics, so stay tuned.

That should do it on the updates…

Here’s today’s workout

Double Conditioning Circuit

30/20 x 4 rounds or the double circuit

Circuit 1

  • ski, high-pull or box jumps
  • Thrusters
  • swings
  • knee ups or power v sit

Rest 3 minutes

Circuit 2

  • shuttle run or fast step-ups
  • Slam ball
  • lateral hoop hops or jumps
  • Russian twist or sit throughs
Here’s a good finisher for you…
Can you do this??