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On Wednesday, we can use weight, or just our body weight for this strength session.

ALL of our sessions can be done with weight, body weight or a combination of both.


Please let us know if you have any nagging body parts that need to be addressed.

Sometimes overhead pressing may cause some shoulder discomfort, so that movement can be adjusted to either landmine presses or different push up options.

Remember, we are ALWAYS looking out for your best interest.

Ask questions and voice your concerns…

The gym is designed to make you better!

The Jersey Shore Kettlebell Sport Chanpionships are scheduled for April 9.

That will be happening at the Manasquan facility.

Go here to register.

Don’t forget to sign up for ROW for HOPE half marathon indoor rowing competition.

ALL proceeds will be donated to the JAG Fund for brain cancer research in memory of Kathy Milkowski.

Go here to register for ROW for HOPE

Here’s your kettlebell or body weight strength circuit for Wednesday!

Complete 4 rounds

Take a minute rest between rounds.

Work for 20 seconds / hold the position for 10 seconds
  • Clean / rack hold
  • Press / overhead hold (you can also use the landmine)
  • Split squat or reverse lunge / hold at 90 degrees
  • 1 arm Row / hold at the top
  • Walkout / hold a plank
NO weight options
  • Body weight hinge or hip bridge
  • Push ups
  • Split squat or reverse lunge (no weight)
  • Single arm ring row (assisted)
  • Walkout
Finisher: 20/10 x 2 rounds
  • Drop squat
  • Mountain climbers
  • skaters
  • Squat thrusts
  • Run in place

Let’s have a great middle of the week!

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