Lost over 100 lbs!

Joining the Training Room was a birthday gift I had given myself a few years ago, and it continues to be the “gift that keeps on giving”.   Thanks to the strength and condition training program that Jim and Mike developed, I’ve lost over 100 lbs, was able to stop taking medication for blood pressure and cholesterol, and tapped into unrealized physical potential.  In addition, I’ve seen strength gains and have been able to maintain the weight loss for awhile now.
The training at The Training Room focuses on getting results, and keeping everyone motivated to challenge themselves during the workouts.  In addition, Mike and Jim stay abreast of the latest fitness developments and pass the knowledge onto their clients.  The workouts change from day-to-day, which keeps things interesting.  It’s daily practice of mine to check their website each morning to see what’s in store for me in the evening.
Joining the Training Room is undeniably the best gift I’d ever given myself…the gift of good physical health!
John Stypa

When I first started at the TR, I was 18 & all I did was run. I was weak and often injured. I could hardly squat to 45 degrees without additional weight – which I am often reminded when Mike or Jim see me squatting more efficiently today. After years of learning correct lifting techniques and progressions as well as consistent training, I have been injury free and running faster than ever imagined!!! TR is the best!
Amanda Scheer

I started at the Training Room in November after a free intro. The intro was friendly, fun, informative and intense enough to give me a taste of the workouts. Having finished a 100 mile run in 26 hours the year before, I liked to think I was in decent shape. The truth was that I knew I had major weaknesses that I needed to address. I’ve been attending the Training Room four times a week for 5 months and the changes in my body and abilities are noticeable. Those weaknesses have been addressed and improved through the guidance and encouragement of the trainers/teachers/coaches/mentors of the Training Room. The cast of characters that attend are a valuable piece of the vibe and energy of the Training Room. Don’t be intimidated by uninformed perceptions. Bring your personality and weaknesses into the mix.
Jeff Seymour

How about that I have myself a nickname!!
I have been going to the Training Room for almost 4 years.  After working out by myself at a local gym the past several years I heard about the training room and group training and decide to check it out.  I have made amazing friends and love the owners.  The Training Room knows their stuff and I always feel like I am in safe hands as they are always keeping their people accountable for good form and staying injury free.  I know for a fact without the group training, I wouldn’t work as hard or have half as much fun trying to do it on my own.  Jim and Mike continue to introduce new movements and come up with different workouts to keep us on our toes.  I am super thankful for the Training Room.  I live a happier & healthier life because of the #bestgyminmonmouthcounty
Jill Regan

When I first started at the TR, I was 18 & all I did was run. I was weak and often injured. I could hardly squat to 45 degrees without additional weight – which I am often reminded when Mike or Jim see me squatting more efficiently today. After years of learning correct lifting techniques and progressions as well as consistent training, I have been injury free and running faster than ever imagined!!! TR is the best!
Amanda Scheer

I joined the Training Room 4 years ago and I have to say, hands down, it was one of the best decision I’ve Made. At the time, I was in a real “gym rut”. Being a former Division I field hockey player, I loved fitness but for some reason was dreading going to the gym everyday after work. I started going less and less and my fitness level was on the decline. I knew I needed to make a change but just wasn’t sure what to do. My best friend, Leah VanBuskirk and her boyfriend Louis Doctor finally convinced me to give the Training Room a try. I have to admit, it was a little nerve racking to start something new, but I was hooked from the start. Everyone at the Training Room was so welcoming and encouraged me from the start. Many gyms are cliquey and not welcoming to newcomers. Our gym is the complete opposite, one of the many reasons why the Training Room rocks! I love Jim and Mike and their philosophy on fitness. The workouts they create are challenging and fun. I don’t think you can ever get bored because there’s always something different being thrown into the workout mix.
I still remember when I first started; I felt like the workouts were so hard and I was going to die. But then I would look around the room, at everyone pushing themselves, and I knew I Couldn’t be the one to quit. I love that feeling when you have people around you pushing themselves and it inspires you to give more. That’s very hard to replicate in a gym in an authentic way. I feel like each person is respected and valued for what they can do athletically and it’s not a bunch of muscle heads walking around making you feel inadequate.
I’ve made so many amazing friends along the way at the Training Room. I have made friends from all different walks of life.I think that was the missing piece that the Training Room was able to fill in my life. I look forward to working out every day with people who inspire me to push myself past my comfort zone. I’m surrounded by people that make me question myself,do I have a little bit more left to give? It’s almost like I have teammates again and I feel that camaraderie. As a result, my fitness level has increased. I’m doing things I have never thought I’d be able to do. It’s the best feeling being able to have your competitive spirit come alive again! Looking back, I’m not so sure why it took me so long to make the switch. I feel grateful that I found the Training Room and all the good it has brought into my life!
Kelly Balady Koenig

I have been a hard core fitness buff for over 30 years. I have to say that my experience at The Training Room has been the “BEST” ever! Here is what I Love about it… The trainers are “Top Notch” and the most knowledgeable ones I have come across… Not only do they stress the importance of “form” but they also take time before and after the workout to “stretch” ….which is “huge” in preventing injury.

The training room has an amazing “feel” of acceptance and family … Which is important to “us” older people..lol…

I don’t even get “yelled” at when I come in a tiny bit late!! Seriously , other gyms often scolded me for running in a minute late .. Being a working 48 year old mother with 4 kids sometimes I am running in a minute or two late.


Shelley Hair

The training room has completely changed my life physically and mentally. Because of the Training Room I love to work out! I’ve never been stronger and in better shape. Participating in the training room classes is like getting personal training. Each day is a new workout that pushes me much harder than I would ever push myself.
Maureen Murray

The Training Room has had a very positive effect on my life both physically and mentally I’ve been able to strengthen my core, lose weight, transform my body and gain mental strength, as I apply discipline to the (expertly designed) workouts. I think one of the best things about The Training Room is the spirit. Mike and Jim set the tone of an encouraging, positive environment that welcomes all.
Judy Young

Love what you guys do at the training room. Working you out to the point of exhaustion without taking it over the top where you lose form and get hurt like at some of the other facilities! As a heads up I do like your website as it stands but I am a bad reference being an old soul using websites rarely other than for work. Give me google and I am happy!!

Let’s just say that my soccer game improved by leaps and bounds after just getting more athletic working out at the TR.

Stefan (swede) Nasstrom

This is not your ordinary gym. All the staff at The Training Room are highly skilled people who are there to help you learn how to properly do the exercises in the workout of the day. They will also Tailor the workout to your skill level from beginner to veterans. To sum it up this is the best cross training work out facility you will find in N.J. They are the original and the best at what they do.
Chuck Polhemus

Workouts at The Training Room are fun and challenging. I get a better workout with Mike in 30 minutes than the one hour sessions I used to pay for with the last four trainers I used at my former gyms. I leave every session feeling confident and strong. You would have to be a fool to go anywhere else.
Tivona Eidelheit, PharmD

The training room has definitely had a positive effect on my life and fitness. It is a great place to get personal training and I have enjoyed every minute of it.
Linda Hansen

The TR has had a significant impact on my lifestyle. Besides feeling healthier overall (mentally and physically), regular workouts have made it possible for me to more intensely pursue the sporting activities I love (surfing specifically). I spend more time in the water catching more waves. This in turn has vastly improved my surfing and has given me a renewed passion for the
Gary Wronowski

The training room has helped me reach a level of fitness that makes me feel strong, lean, and healthy. The people that exercise at the TR have been super friendly, supportive, motivated, and inspirational. Have made some great friends too!
Helene Wolson

The Training Room is very welcoming and the trainers work with you to make sure the exercise program is designed for your needs and any physical problems that you may have. I am so impressed with the knowledge expertise and professionalism of my trainer, Jim Milkowski. His patience and kindness make it a pleasure to work out and do your best. The classes are fun, always a little different and certainly make you feel better!!!!!
Karen Ryan