Mike Stehle, ATC, IKFF 2

“Uncle Mike” is Co-owner of the Training Room and has a deep background in Sports Medicine, injury prevention, and the strength and conditioning and well being of all populations and levels of fitness. Mike has been working in the fitness trenches for over 25 years, has a BS in Physical Education and Athletic Training from Kean University and has also been the Athletic Trainer for Freehold High School since 1990. Mike is has been a contributor to Men’s Fitness Website for the past several years and is considered to be one of the most highly regarded strength coaches and kettlebell training experts there is. Mike was just recently made director of kettlebells under the CPPS Certification run by World renown strength coaches James Smith and Joe DeFranco.

Jim Milkowski, CNT, IKFF 2

“The Milkman” is Co-owner of The Training Room and has a very extensive background in all areas of fitness including body weight, kettlebell , and endurance training. Jim has a BS in Exercise Science from Springfield College and is a master at designing highly effective and efficient fitness programs for all ages and fitness abilities. Jim has been working hard in the fitness trenches for over 25 years is well known for his ability to get amazing results from his hundreds of clients. Jim is a highly competitive endurance athlete as well and certainly practices what he preaches.

Alicia Seemuller, GOATA Coach

Alicia is an Instructor at the Training Room and brings over 20 years of professional experience in teaching all populations from young children, individuals with disabilities, injury recovery, athletes, seniors and your average weekend warrior.  Alicia has highly specialized training in movement, Yoga, sport performance and injury prevention.  Alicia is the only certified GOATA Movement Coach in New Jersey.  GOATA Movement is a system based on locomotor movement, slow motion video analysis and programming.  Training with a GOATA Coach give you the skills needed to decrease the risk of injury and improve sport performance.  Contact [email protected] for an assessment.

Mike Mulroy

A disciple of Uncle Mike and Jim the Milkman, and their highly effective training programs for the past 10+ years, “Boxing Mike” is also co-owner of the Training Room in Manasquan, NJ at 63 Atlantic Ave.  Boxing Mike is always practicing what he preaches, and if he’s not teaching a class in Manasquan, he’s religiously working out alongside the awesome Training Room member family!

Brian Prendergrast

  • High Five Health and Fitness – Founder
  • Two Fit Crazies and a Microphone Podcast – Co-Host
  • W.I.T.S. – Certified Personal Trainer
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition – AADP Certified Integrative Health Coach.
  • Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies – Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition
  • USA Track and Field – Level 1 Certified Coach