20/10 Conditioning Intervals

Thursday is going to be a nice kicker with a 20/10 Conditioning Interval Workout!

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Here’s Thursday’s Conditioning Workout!  You can go all out and really get a great workout while maintaining good safe technique on all exercises!  Let’s GO!


20 work / 10 rest x 8 Sets

  1. swings
  2. slam, towel whip
  3. drop squats
  4. half burpees or knee tucks
  5. skaters
  6. squat thrusts
  7. high pulls or jump pulls
  8. mt. climbers or crawl



  1. Cardio #1 (20/10 x 4)
  2. Cardio #2 (20/10 x 4)

Alternate between SET A and SET B for a total of 6 SETS (3 of Each)!

Watch the prerecorded workout anytime by Milkman himself in his new home garage training studio!