Get ready for a 12 week fitness challenge like no other!

We are teaming up with JD Kuper of  Atlantic Exercise Physiology for a 12 week health and performance based challenge!

What exactly does this mean?

This 12 week challenge will be based on YOUR individual performance and nutritional needs through extensive, comprehensive fitness testing.

Basically getting down to the nitty gritty of what YOU as an individual need to do to perform, feel, and YES to look your best!

The Training Room will be hosting an informative seminar at the Avon location (406 Main St) on January 19 (it’s a Wednesday) at 6:45 PM.

ALL are welcome! 

Please let us know if you cannot make the 19th so we can make arrangements to accomodate you at another time.


Watch our LIVE broadcast of the seminar below! We will start at 6:45 PM

Here’s what you will get when you register for the 12 week fitness challenge…

ALL individuals that sign up for the 12 week challenge will be getting a comprehensive health assessment look at how well their heart, lungs and muscles interact during exercise.

This testing will identify if any bodily systems are limiting health or performance.

In other words, we will be digging deep into the physiology of your body (not to get too personal) to find any weaknesses that should be addressed.

Once this is all said and done, we can make sure you are training at the proper intensities in the gym and your nutrition is dialed in.

When you register for this challenge, you will ALSO make your appointment with JD and receive the following tests…
fitness testing

Resting Metabolic Rate

  • Comprehensive fitness and health assessments for measurable and visible results!
  • Medical Body Composition Analysis on the SECA 544 (read more)
  • Resting Metabolic Rate Test (Read More)
  • Your body composition will be retested midway through to see if any adjustments to your training or nutrition should made. (to hold you accountable)
  • There will be a final test at the end of the 12 weeks to measure results.

What do YOU need?

What to expect at The Trainng Room for the next 12 weeks…
  • Basic strength tests and retests to measure real performance results.
  • Specific cardiovascular fitness tests and restests to measure your progress.
  • Weekly fitness challenges and re-challenges to measure progress.
  • A Sunday workout that will focus on our upcoming winter event (TBA)
  • A winter fitness event for fun and to help keep us engaged and focused.
  • Post challenge social and silent auction using “Training Room Dollars” obtained to bid on cool prizes.
fitness challenge

FUN weekly fitness challenges the will test you!

Fun Fitness Challenges to Keep us FOCUSED!

Registration Costs
  • Member cost of the 12-week program with pre and post-fitness challenge testing will be $150 (Sign up here)
  • Non-member cost will be $499 for 3 months of unlimited training plus all of the fitness testing listed above.(Sign up here)
Choose your GYM!

You DO NOT want to miss this one.

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