Turkey Day Relay 2022

Turkey Day Relay 2022 is ON!

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What separates The Training Room from other fitness facilities in the area is our ability to put together fun events that bring people of ALL ages together both physically and emotionally.

The Training Room is considered to be the pioneer of Jersey Shore “gym culture”.

Physical fitness events are not only a fun way of enjoying the fruits of your fitness labors, but a way for us human beings to form lifetime bonds and push each other to get better.

Here’s a list of a few events from over the years (most of these have given back to the community)

Fitness events help motivate us to become stronger and healthier both physically and mentally.

We are extremely proud of the fact that many lifelong freindships (even marriages) have been formed through The Training Room and TR related events.

Many of our members NOW EVEN take vacations together.

We WILL continue to keep on brainstorming ideas that will help YOU, our FAMILY become the best version of yourselves.

If you HAVE NEVER participated in a Training Room event or, have been MIA from us or physical exercise in general, NOW is the time to GET BACK!

ANYONE can participate in our events.

Don’t think you CAN’T do it!


Enjoy this video from 2015!