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5 Minutes Continuous Strength

Time for some STRENGTH on Wednesday!

Let us know how you like the workouts this week!

We try to balance them out so that you get a little of everything and you maximize your time at the gym.

If you need anything or want to see anything specific, let us know!

Let’s get right to it!

5 Minutes Non-Stop Strength Sets

30 second intervals on the clock… don’t rest till you are done the set!

Set A)

  • cleans or single leg deadlift
  • press
  • split squat
  • row
  • ab choice
    • repeat the circuit on the other side

Set 2) Bodyweight 

  • Single leg hip bridge
  • push-up
  • ring assisted pistols
  • ring row
  • ab choice
    • repeat for a second round/ the opposite side

You will alternate between Kettlebell and Bodyweight Sets for a total of 6 Rounds (3 of Each)!

Let us know how you did!

Here’s an awesome video workout!