Warm up with 5 minutes of joint mobility and and then 5 minutes of basic body weight movements and cals.

Today workouts consists of ALL body weight movements.

So, if it’s nice out where you live, get outdoors and do this workout.  You will need a set of rings, pull up bar, or TRX.

You will perform each movement for 5 minutes.

Try to get as many reps in the 5 minute time period.

Be smart and do not smoke yourself out.  By that I mean that you do not want to go to complete muscle failure or else you will never complete 5 minutes of work.

If you have to, keep the reps low and rest until you feel recovered and can perform more perfect reps.

Keep track of ALL your reps that way you can compare to the next time you do this.

Perform each movement 5 minutes

  • Push ups or hindu push ups
  • Hindu squats,Box jumps or deck squats
  • V-sits
  • Pull ups or ring rows

Let us know how you did here. Post your reps below!