Hey Training Room fans…

Get on the Warrior Challenge sign ups!

This is the last week for early bird sign ups.

We need to get everyone set!

Go here to sign up.

Wednesday will be ALL body weight strength training.

We will allow you to choose your own options, so you can work on some things that you need to get better at.

30 seconds of work/30 seconds of rest for 6 rounds of the following

  • any upper body pull variation (row/pull up variations)
  • Any squat variation (perfect  bw squat, face the wall, pistols, deck squats etc.)
  • Any upper body push variation (any push up variation, down dog press or any other handstand press variation)
  • Any lower body pull variation Jungle gym,power wheel leg curls, glute ham raises etc..)
  • AB choice
  • easy cardio (jump rope,jumping jacks)

Finisher: 500 meter time trial  row, ski or .6 airdyne.

Let’s go!

Don’t you just love body weight training?

Yesterday’s court yard visitor does.

Check her out…