Alternate Side Saturday Supersets

Saturday is a strength day and we’ve got a dynamic alternate side strength session lined up for you.

Stay focused and kick the weekend off strong.

Here’s what we’re doing at The Training Room on Saturday…

Superset between the excercises.

Forty seconds work/twenty seconds rest for 5 rounds of each superset.

40/20 x 5 rounds

Alternate limb movements…

Superset 1 (5 rounds)

Superset 2 (5 rounds)

  • Renegade row (video), 1 arm row or alternate arm ring row
  • alternate reverse lunge

Superset 3 (3 rounds)

  • Kettlebell curl
  • Kettlebell triceps or close push-up
  • cardio or abs

Check out our Turkey Day Relay on Thanksgiving morninig!

Compete, or just hangout with your friends!

Have a great weekend!