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Basic strength training is ALWAYS the best way to go!

Fancy and elaborate exercises can end up injuring you and putting you on the disabled list.

Some of you know already that Injury isn’t fun.

Therefore, basic strength training is where it’s at.

We come to the gym to get better, not to get hurt!

Speaking of getting better…

Make sure to register for ROW of HOPE.

This event will be held at Goodsports USA in Wall, NJ.

Our ultimate goal is to get 100 teams, and want to make sure everyone gets registered for planning purposes.

ALL proceeds are donated to the JAG Fund for brain cancer research in memory of Kathy Milkowski.

GO HERE to register ASAP.

The First Annual Kettlebell Sport Championships are on April 9 at the Manasquan gym.

Go here to register for that.

Tuesday’s basic strength session will look like this…

30 second of work / 30 seconds of rest…

Try to go a little bit on the heavy side if you can with this 5 round strength circuit.

Circuit 1
  1. Pull-ups (variations)
  2. Squat choice
  3. Overhead or landmine press (shoulder friendly)
  4. Abs or rotational ab choice
Circuit 2: Gun show plus cardio and abs

30 seconds of work / 20 seconds of rest x 4 rounds

  • Biceps
  • triceps
  • Twist or Bulgarian bag
  • Cardio choice

The Landmine is ALSO a great strength tool with many uses including squats and presses.

Let us know if you would like to try out some movements on the Landmine.

Here’s something for home if you need….