Body Weight Work

Hey Training Room family, you know that we like to preach body weight work and how important it is to progress and and get as close to perfecting movements with your body weight before loading up with weight.
Wednesday is one of those days at The Training Room!

We will focus on mostly body weight movements in fifteen second intervals.

We like to use 15 second intervals using as close to perfect technique as possible with each rep.

Couplets (alternating between 2 exercises) will allow for recovery in one area while working another and will also allow us to get a ton of work in a short amount of time without burning us out.

Never go to muscle failure on any movement as this will lead to

15/15 x 5 rounds of each of 3 couplets

Couplet 1: Intensity can be increased by adding bands or chains or by adjusting leverage and going slower.

Coupet 2:

  • Prison squat (see the picture above) or Prison Squat jump
  • Knees to chest or sliding/Power wheel/hanging knees to chest

Couplet 3

  • broad jumps, tire jumps or heavy swings
  • rawl, crab, or sit through

Go throught this entire thing 2 times.

Have a great Wednesday!