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25 Minute Challenge

Tuesday’s Training Room Workout brings us a classic 25 Minute Conditioning Challenge!

You can choose to use bodyweight, dumbell or kettlebell exercises.  Work Efficiently!  Never compromise your quality of movement for speed!

If you need any help with an exercise or a nagging injury let us know!  You should not have to live your life in chronic pain.  We can help.

Here are those punch cards again… good for weekend warriors, travelers, friends and family!

AVON-BY-THE-SEA: 5 Class Punch Card / 10 Class Punch Card
MANASQUAN: 5 Class Punch Card / 10 Class Punch Card

Your 25 Minute Conditioning Challenge:

Try to get As Many Rounds As Possible (AMAP) in 25 Minutes!

  • 250m cardio, 125 JR, or 60JJs
  • 20 swings or Jumps
  • 15 mt. Climbers
  • 10 step ups or back lunges
  • 5 burpees or Sq thrusts

Let’s Challenge Together!