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Choice of Kettlebells or Body Weight

Hey Training Room Crew!

Just remember, we always have many options for you when you come into the gym.

Don’t just skip the workout because it doesn’t look apealing to you. or there are some exercises that you may not do well with.

If for some reason your not feeling the kettlebells on any particular day, there is ALWAYS another option for ALL exercises.
It is our job to find the movement that works best for you and also may help you get better!

Furthermore, we are going to start writing up and posting 2 separate workouts that can be done at the gym or even at home.

Workout A

Kettlebell strength circuit (work for 20 seconds and hold for 10 seconds)

20/10 x  5 round of the following

Workout B

Body weight version

  • Supermans or IYT’s
  • hold
  • push-up
  • hold high or low plank
  • split squat or body weight squat options
  • hold at 90
  • ring row
  • hold high or low position
  • walkout
  • hold

Try out some Inertia Wave!