Classic Training Room Conditioning

A Twist on the Classic 20/20/20 Triplets

Training Room Workouts keep getting better!  We’ve got a twist on the classic 20/20/20 Triplets that is sure to set you up for a great day or evening!

This workout can be ALL bodyweight, so if you want to take a break from the weights you can get just as good, if not a better workout just using your own body!  If you have a weight vest at home or want to bring one to the gym, it is a GREAT training tool to add some load while keeping your form and technique safe and secure.

Conditioning Triplets 

Intervals: 20/20/20 x 3 

Triplets 1

  • Air Squats
  • Mount Climbers or Crawl
  • Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks

Triplet 2

  • Swings, Broad Jumps, Tire Jumps or Dynamic Lunges
  • Squat Thrusts or Squat Press
  • Knees to Chest or Bicycles

Triplet 3

  • Skaters
  • Half Burpees, Shoulder Taps or Push Ups with Knee Up
  • Run in Place or Shuttle Run

Each Triplet is 3 Minutes.   You will repeat for 2 rounds and then finish with one time through all of the exercises at 30 second intervals.

Let’s have a blast and get in a great workout!

Here’s a video of a similar workout we have prerecorded for you to workout at home.  You can also set at timer at home and do the exercises we have listed above!