Conditioning Intervals

Decending Conditioning Intervals for Friday at The Training Room!

Friday is conditioning day and we’ve got decending intervals lined up for your cardio respiratory pleasure!

Here are your work/rest intervals per round…

5 total rounds of conditioning.

  1. 60/30
  2. 50/25
  3. 40/20
  4. 30/15
  5. 20/10

Here’s your condioning circuit

  • Bike
  • Slam or sledge
  • Row or Run
  • Bulgarian Bag, Medicine ball or mace twist
  • Ski or Jump rope
  • Swings, or step ups

Rest 1 minute between rounds.

Don’t forget to register for the Endless Summer Challenge which has been moved to October 14 because of the upcoming weather event.

Here’s the registration link for that.

Also, please support team Training Room for the Manasquan Tug of War and Make a Wish Foundation by making a small donation here!

Have a wonderful Friday!