Classic Training Room Conditioning Triplets

YES…Classic Training Room Conditioning Triplets are up!

Wednesday is a conditioning day and we’ve got an old school classic and crowd favorite lined up.

You will work in some Kettlebell and Bodyweight exercises for a well-rounded workout!

Here are the Details:
20/ 20/ 20 x 3 Rounds each Triplet (3 Minutes Work)

Triplet 1

  • Snatch / swings or cleans
  • Snatch / swings or cleans
  • Mountain Climbers or sit throughs

Triplet 2

  • High Pull or deadlift
  • Thruster (Squat Press)
  • Jump Rope or Jumping Jacks

Triplet 3

  • Drop Squats
  • Half Burpees
  • V-Sits or Bicycles


Then 1x straight through each exercise at 30 second intervals!